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CLAS-1011-001 Greek Society
How did the Greeks see themselves and how did they view their own culture and society? How did they view women, slaves, and interstate warfare? If you're interested, then sign up for this course in the Summer term, MWF 09:30-11:30 (running May 2 through to June 13).
CLAS-1012 Roman Society
Roman society and culture are cornerstones in our study of the ancient world, and our study of some the aspects of these—education, the army, their political institutions, slavery, the household, and their religions—can reveal almost as much about our modern world than about theirs! If you're interested in learning more, then join us in the Summer term, TuTh 10:30-12:30 (running May 1 through to June 26).
CLAS-2701-001 Classical Mythology
Any interest in incestuous gods, cannibalistic feasts, fantastic monsters, and sullen heroes? In other words, are you interested in studying the foundations of Western mythology, literature, art, and culture? If so, then sign up for Classical Mythology! Summer term, MWF 12:30-14:30 (running May 2 through to June 13).

Classics in the News

The Classics department has been featured heavily in the Uniter! Pauline Ripat, Michael MacKinnon, and Conor Whately have all been featured recently!

What does a fourth century CE beer taste like? Dr Matt Gibbs, Tyler Birch and Brian Westcott from Barn Hammer Brewing know! Click here, here, and here if you're interested in finding out!

Have you ever thought about the archaeology of food? Here is an excellent article that considers this experiential and experimental subject!

If you're wondering what a Classics degree can teach you? Anything you want, including opening a food truck with Roman fusion food! You should also check out Nigel Nicholson's blog on the Classical Association of Canada's website! Degrees in History and Ancient History are certainly not useless! They teach incredibly valuable skills! See the article by James Grossman in the LA Times!

Prof. Michael Mackinnon is part of the team that filmed Pompeii's People for CBC's "The Nature of Things with David Suzuki". Blending CGI imagery, dramatic reconstruction, and aerial photography, this offers an unforgettable immersion in the ancient city of Pompeii and the lives of its people. For more details, see here!

Were the Romans ever in China or Japan? Was there movement from East Asia through to the western Roman Empire? Recent discoveries may suggest trade or movement of some sort! Or perhaps not...

Interested in Greek and Roman warfare? Follow this link to hear our own Dr. Conor Whately and Dr. Matt Maher talk about their recent seminar on the topic at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

What did the ancient Romans eat? Find out in these articles, here, here, and here, featuring our own Dr. Michael MacKinnon!

Latin is gaining popularity in everything from Facebook to Twitter to celebrities' tattoos - and studies show that learning Latin improves performance in other areas, too, such as math. Read all about it in this Maclean's article, from May 4, 2013.

Josephine Livingstone (The Guardian, Sept. 16, 2013) presents reasons for learning a dead language here.

Congratulations to...

Kylee Bailey who has been awarded the Beatrice and John Zack Scholarship in Classics for 2017-18!

Jason Gren who has been awarded the Edwin and Anne Eagle Memorial Scholarship for 2017-18!

Braeden Keys who has been awarded the Colleen M. Madson Memorial Prize for 2017-18!

Dr. Conor Whately who was recently awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for 2016-18, and who recently published a monograph entitled Battles and Generals: Combat, Culture, and Didacticism in Procopius’ Wars"!

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