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Χαίρετε! Salvete! Welcome to the Alumni page of the Department of Classics at the University of Winnipeg! Here we aim to let our Alumni know what's going on in the department and to provide a snapshot of the accomplishments of our students and faculty. We also highlight events that have occurred in the past year. The most recent news, please check the News page on this website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

News and updates

Across the Department, faculty members are pursuing new and interesting research, innovative teaching, and creative projects. Jane Cahill is on research leave leading directly to retirement. She is working on several story-telling and writing projects, including a work of fiction (an adventure story for preteens) inspired by mythology. Pauline Ripat has been on leave this year pursuing her research on envy and illness in Roman antiquity. She spent a couple of weeks in libraries and museums in Rome in the fall preparing papers to be delivered at two conferences this winter. She continues to be Treasurer for the Classical Association of Canada (and encourages us all to join!).

Peter Miller joined the Department this year and has been settling into the University and Winnipeg. Aside from teaching, he has been working on a monograph on athletes and heralds in the ancient world and a new project on the figure of “the loser.” Allison Surtees chaired and presented in a panel on gendered violence in academia at Feminism and Classics VII in May. In October, she presented a paper on satyr imagery at a conference held at the Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg. She is editing two collected volumes and is currently a Visiting Researcher in Freiburg, where she continues work on her monograph, The Iconography of Satyrs in Greece and Rome. Michael MacKinnon presented a paper at Oxford about the economics involved in animal sacrifice in Roman religion. In December, he presented a second invited paper in Sweden where the issue of animal sacrifice was dissected (literally!) into its component parts and investigated through a multidisciplinary lens. He continues his research into the world of animals in Greco-Roman antiquity with planned fieldwork at several sites in Sicily during summer 2017.

Matt Gibbs has been adjusting to life as the new Department Chair and finishing a monograph on collective action in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. He has also given three papers in the last few months: the first at the SCS in Toronto on military supply, and the second and third at Memorial University and here at the University of Winnipeg on heavy metal music and classical reception. Conor Whately’s first two books were published in 2016: Battles and Generals (Brill), on the sixth-century AD historian Procopius; Exercitus Moesiae (BAR), on the Roman army in Bulgaria. Conor also published journal articles and book chapters on topics ranging from camels and casualty numbers to the war cry. In June he was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada grant for a two-year project entitled “War and History at the End of Antiquity.”

Prior to taking up a tenure-track position at the University of Delaware, Tyson Sukava presented a paper on eye disease in the ancient world at the Classical Association of Canada's annual conference. He also published a paper on George Chapman's translation of Homer's Iliad and continues work on articles on topics of medicine and the body, as well as a monograph exploring similar themes. Melissa Funke presented papers in Seattle, Nice, and Lynchburg and organized a panel on spectatorship in the ancient world at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in Toronto. She published a chapter on the use of sculpture by the author Alciphron and continues to work on her monograph on the fragmentary plays of Euripides. Jason Brown joined the Department in the past year, and this year, Dr Carla Manfredi. This year also sees the return of Dr Matt Maher and Laurence Broadhurst who are both teaching evening classes in the Fall and Winter terms!

New Directions in Classics: The Department of Classics' Public Speaker Series

Our departmental speaker series–New Directions in Classics–is in full swing! We're helping to celebrate the University of Winnipeg's 50th anniversary with this series that focuses on new research by faculty and visiting scholars. These lectures aim to show how vibrant Classics is at UWinnipeg and how what we do affects our understanding of the ancient and modern worlds. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge to attend! Prof Michael MacKinnon of the Classics Department at the University of Winnipeg, and Professor Jitse Dijkstra of the Classics and Religious Studies Department at the University of Ottawa will be presenting in November!

Alumni events

In March 2017, we held our inaugural Alumni Night at the the University Club; it was a great success! Thanks to the University of Winnipeg Alumni Office and to the faculty and students (current and former) who made this a great event!

We're hoping to hold our second Alumni Night this year in the Winter term! Come along, reconnect with old friends, and make new acquaintances! Please email Peter Miller to be added to the guest list: we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Support for Classics

We need your help: consider supporting the teaching of Classics at the University of Winnipeg with a financial gift of any size. We can help you put your money to work in whatever capacity you want: whether support for student travel to Greece and Italy, new and improved library resources, or scholarships. Contact Matt Gibbs.

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